Lode Audio Single Room Server

Lode Audio’s LA1 is a revolutionary stand alone addition to our suite of multi-room audio servers.

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The Lode LA1 is a revolutionary single-zone addition to our suite of multi-room audio servers.  Designed to be used as part of a custom installation or as a stand alone music player for a HiFi system, the LA1’s internal audio circuits feature DAC’s capable of High-resolution music file playback powered by medical-grade power supplies. With the LA1, installers finally have a dedicated music source that has been built for the application, yet will deliver the performance desired by even the most ardent audiophile, all controlled from your mobile device or home automation control system.

Built on Lode’s patented LodeNet™, audio can be played synchronously throughout the property without the issues of interference, delays and outages experienced by many commercially available wireless based audio systems. Used either with our LA4 four-zone music server as part of a larger multiroom system or as a stand alone source, the Lode LA1 is able to deliver audio streams from your iTunes library, internet radio and streaming services, all at the touch of a button.

Whether requiring a single zone source for a dedicated room/bar/yacht or looking to create a multiroom audio system that exceeds the performance expectations of the audiophile, Lode Audio’s LA1’s simple control and bullet-proof build/reliability should be the installers audio source of choice.


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